The gap between the best athletes is growing ever smaller, athletes in the UK have an untapped potential: athleticism. Following a tailored Strength & Conditioning program will be the next step to unlocking your athletic ability. In the past Strength and Conditioning was exclusively available to only the most elite athletes. The Den now makes this opportunity accessible to all athletes.

At The Den we provide besboke coaching to athletes of all ages, tailoring our services to individual needs. All efforts point in the direction of improving your athletic performance. 



 1:1 PT 

Private sessions with qualified PT to achieve your fitness, health and welbeing goals

Private sessions with qualified PT to achieve your fitness, health and wellbeing goals


 1:1 S&C 

Strength and conditioning to achieve your athletic and sporting goals

1:1 Strength and conditioning to achieve your sporting goals or train like an athlete 

accessible   group S&C sessions to improve speed, power, strength

 Community S&C 

accessible group PT/S&C sessions to improve Speed,power & strength

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The coaching i recieved at the den is what i have been missing for years. the attention to detail and personalisation of my training has meant i have improved in all the areas that matter on the court. i am faster, stronger and i'm even looking more and more like an elite athlete every week.

 - j.w [Basketball]


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